Hey Aaron—we had a really productive session today [9/12]. You have a lot going for you in your golf swing. Going forward we need to work on several aspects of your swing:

  1. Cupping-you correct at set up with your trigger to begin the swing...that slight forward motion of the grip. Most of the pics show you maintain your flat left wrist throughout the swing, but in at least one there is moderate cupping at the top of your swing. This is causing some inconsistency in your ball striking. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture your hands at impact...my camera isn't quick enough...I may have to upgrade to more frames per second.
  2. Your core looks good and you are staying over the ball throughout your swing...that's great. At the start of your downswing you initiate your hips and push off with your back thigh...that's also great, however with your shaft parallel to the teeing surface you are still facing the ball with your hips...we need to work on getting your hips turning sooner. At this point in your down swing it would be better if we can get your belt buckle...or bellybutton turning toward the target line.
  3. Another aspect we'll continue to work on is the fluidity of your swing and balance, especially at finish. Everything looks good with your high finish and right elbow facing in alignment with your target line, however there is a slight over swing at the finish...this throws your balance a little left causing you to struggle a little to finish smoothly. Your belt buckle or bellybutton needs to stop turning past the target line. This will keep your body more balanced at finish. Also, let's work on where the club ends up...rather than finishing below your waist line, instead finish with the club around your neck and shoulders. The finish will be then be solid, and it will look more aesthetic as well.
  4. I didn't take photos or vids of your chipping...let's be sure to do this next time. The techniques we did today will help you lower your score by getting in the hole sooner and with more control. Practice with different clubs from 7 to pitching wedge to find the distance of each with minimal changes in your swing distance and speed.
  5. The pitching technique looks good, too, but we need to work more on alignment and distance control...you just need to spend more time on the range to perfect this important shot.
  6. As we shared, mentally stay ahead of the ball...positive reinforcement...one with the game.
IMG_2664 CUP

This pic shows moderate cupping near the top of your swing arc...not terrible but just a little off and that can make a difference. Most of your pics show a flat wrist near the top of your arc.

There are three swing sequences below followed by several videos. You can use the Play and Pause buttons on the right side below the images to stop and start the images. For example, the 4th image in the second sequence below is a great place to look at your move toward the target line. Very powerful move, however you can create even more power and speed by getting your hips turning to your target line at this point in your down swing.