AARON - Lesson No. 2

This vid shows that you're keeping your right elbow more vertical at the top of your backswing. Big improvement getting away from the flying elbow. Hitting more solidly today mostly for that reason and it's keeping your club more on plane than before.


Good shot of vertical elbow at top of backswing.


Another view of your elbow


Noticed something new. Your thumb on your right hand is not extended down the club but is instead wrapped around the grip similar to a baseball grip. I studied a couple of videos of your swing and found that you start your set up and backswing with your thumb on top of the shaft pointing toward the club head. However, about 1/4 into the backswing your thumb begins to move off the shaft and by the time you reach the top of your swing your thumb is fully wrapped around the shaft. But notably, your thumb returns to its original position at impact. I hadn't noticed this before, but I reviewed some earlier vids and found the same thing has been occurring all along. As I've mentioned before, I believe it is best to eliminate as many moving parts as possible and for this reason I suggest you work on keeping your thumb in the correct position throughout your swing.