AARON - Lesson No. 4

Aaron - 10.17.19 at Tour 18

Key Takeaways: Improving Consistency

How: Alignment / Distance Control / Natural Rotation / Laser Focus



1. Stronger grip position with thumb extended across the midline of the club’s grip so   your thumb lines up with your left foot and right shoulder

2. Three Finger Grip: The most important grip pressure is the thumb and index finger on the right hand and the little finger on the left hand. The rest of your fingers are along for the ride.

Club Rotation:

1. Allow clubface to remain square through your swing by letting your shoulder-turn to rotate your wrists on the backswing as opposed to rotating your wrists independent of your shoulder turn

Set Up:

1. Continue to use alignment rod at the range for down-the-line target alignment

2. Align shoulders, hips and feet together so they are in a neutral position for most shots

3. Continue to practice a flowing motion through your entire swing without tightness. This is called Tempo.

Watch the slow motion video of Greg Norman...he's got tempo, plus.

4. Reminder: Warm up by lightly stretching your golf muscles…use your driver for this exercise


1. Use a marker to scribe a line on ¼ of the ball’s circumference and to align your putts

2. Laser Focus: Eye to ball distance maintained during putting

3. In your mind, pour a bucket of water on the green to read the slopes

4. Back swing equals forward swing to control distance; adjust back swing as needed